This Week's Featured "Chilli Pepper Penguin"

Hello everybody Im here to announce my Chilli Pepper Penguin of the Week!

He is very cool to hang out with. I had really good times with him today.

If you see him on cp add him! He is such a great buddy!

*cross your fingers*

This Week’s Featured Chilli Pepper Penguin is…….



Here are some pics of the good times we had around club penguin!

Here we are at the Stage! Flabby is really good at shooting hoops there!

Here we are chilling out at the Beacon! We enjoyed the wonderful view from the telescope it was really cool!

Here we are at the Forest! We had fun roaming around in the trees! It was such a wonderful adventure!

Here we are at the Pet Shop! We are pretending to be young little penguins eating ice cream! How Cute! 🙂 lol We saw a lot of cool puffles. Flabby’s favorite puffle is the green puffle! He has one named Otto! What an awesome name!

Here we are at the Dojo! It was really cool to relax there and talk with Flabby! We had such an interesting conversation! We are dressed up as Irish Penguin’s! We were really lucky because we were by ourselves in the Dojo. I was able to have an interesting interview with him.

Flabby’s recommended chilli is Chilli with Beans! What a nice choice! It’s my favorite!

P.S Every week I will be having a featured “Chilli Pepper Penguin!”

-Captain Chilli Pepper 🙂