Be Aware!


This is a message to all famous penguins out there with cool sites. You should know who you are! Stay away from this penguin! He insults you and your fame. Today this penguin called Ray Toolbear and Survivor91 garbage! How Dare You! As I recall I did not see him call Tooly228 anything bad, but good old Tooly did stand up for his friends by saying How Dare You! Say Sorry! Thanks Tooly I appreciate it for you being a good friend. Speaking of friends during Survivor91’s adding spree he added me! Im very 🙂 You see Survivor91 is a good penguin NOT garbage. (I wasn’t able to get Ray to add me. I think his list is full)

Here is a pic of that mean penguin

Here is more sad news during the little adding sprees for Ray and Survivor everyone was ignoring me. No one even said hi. It was very confusing and weird. By the way, I never expected an adding spree for these amazing penguins. It was cool. Im not even sure if it was an “adding spree,” I couldn’t really tell what was going on. But it was cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo. What an experience!

Here is a pic of me being sad for no hi or any type of greeting


Just to add many penguins were also being mean to Djmixer6. in my sad pic I caught some proof. Unfortunately the mean comment was blocking me, but you can still see my sad face. Don’t worry Mix, you are super duper cool and famous and rare! YOU will never be nothing.

-Captain Chilli Pepper